Facebook WhatsApp Instagram worldwide server down

Today 04 October 2021 – Worldwide Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram servers down from approximately 9 pm. In such a situation, it is as if millions of users are spending a long time waiting to get back to the social platform. Facebook authorities said they were not aware of the problem themselves, investigating the matter and returning to users as soon as possible.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users were initially confused in many ways, though. Because there was no announcement at the beginning that many people thought that my account was lost while managing their account as their server was down. For some reason, my account was disabled, or there were various problems. I could not contact anyone because Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down.

The server-related problem can be understood as a server in these three platforms, but it is impossible to confirm when the problem will be solved. Maybe the problem will be solved overnight. Users are sharing different opinions on different platforms. There are different platforms, including YouTube, Google, Twitter, and they are sharing their different opinions.

However, this is the first time since the launch of Facebook in 2004 that the problem has been described as new. Users have never encountered this problem before. Maybe Facebook authorities and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself will say something about the matter. I don’t know what the problem is, but it means that users are not wasting their time.

Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Many people do business through these platforms. They are doing business properly. They have reached many people as a business organization, so many people suffer in various ways, even if it takes some time. Of course, no one will be responsible for the loss because the platform is owned, and the owner can do whatever he wants, but it means that the owner has no hand in this problem.

Visiting different platforms shows that the user is sharing his opinion. Some say it may be for a long time. Some say it will be resolved in a short time. Besides, various videos are being published on the popular platform YouTube. More than a thousand videos have already been published, but they are national channels through third-party channels, i.e., news channels. So far, no news has been published from there.

This time is especially threatening for many users who use WhatsApp and Instagram on Facebook to pass their time. Time seems to be very painful. Many users are so attracted to these platforms that they don’t think about anything outside them. For many, these platforms are being run as professional businesses.

After all, a visit to Facebook shows “Sorry, something went wrong.” It is understood that the problem of their server when they revisit the website of Instagram is seen that “5xx Server Error” is also seen when they visit the website of WhatsApp. Still, it is seen that many users are terrified that the problem of “5xx service error” is new. However, the authorities said that they have the same server-related problem which they are trying to solve very quickly, and they will come back to the users as soon as possible.

Various people comment that due to this problem, many people may lose their data, many information may be published, or there may be a possibility of losing various data. Still, the authorities have not yet said anything about this. However, they are more likely not to have such problems, their system is much better for server maintenance, and the possibility of data loss is very low due to being strong. However, more details will be known only if these platforms are live like before.

Now the wait is not over. In a word, the time of the users is not passing. Among the various comments from users, various online portals are sharing their comments. Although they have not yet stated any specific reason, everyone is saying that there is a problem with their server, which the authorities have confirmed.

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