Is happiness not sadness?

Since we are human because of our life, we can enjoy both happiness and sorrow that we can enjoy happiness. There is no such person that there is no good happiness and happiness. It is undoubtedly one time he has to be a burden of sadness or sorrow because we are faithful in it, after the happiness of happiness after sadness after sadness.

Likewise, if we see those whose good houses are big flats, it is like a feeling of love but a lot of love. Those rich people can feel excellent and very much, even when it comes to rain, we enjoy a lot of joy in the rain. If the matter is a little opposite, how many poor people in our surroundings live in slums, who do not have a small house, for those who do not have a small house?

That’s why somebody’s happiness is someone’s misery. The life of someone is not filled with happiness in everyone’s life; there is an allegation of happiness. There are thousands of people in the city, wasting thousands of tons of food every day, the last place in the dustbin, but if we have noticed millions of people who do not eat in the city who can not eat three common foods in the city?

Calling all of them to know everyone knows how they mean? What do we have to make a lot of trouble to change our society? No! If we want, we can change our society quickly; we can change our significant trend to change the environment around us. If we want, how many people in our family do not pose their food outer food? That is, we can not waste food outside of need, but we can do it. If we want to cooperate with some poor from my family every month, we can do but the mindset of doing this?

What is the mind mentality tie all? Not the matter! Many people have a lot of money, but they donate to the Madrasa Masjid Yatimakhana poor, their money-money account shows. Again, many people do not have money, but there is a lot of money from the mind, but if different gifts do different from the mind, then we understand that both people and treasures of the people need too much.

Rain is a thing that raises joy in mind, but it is not difficult for some people for everyone. Many people are suffering from the rain in this rain lying on the side of the street. It is not happiness for all of the rain of Ashara, and it becomes a hill for many. VIP food is not for everyone, and it is only a giant eye.

After all, we want, we can change the country to the country a little bit difficult to change the country. If we want to work through the people of the country and the country, if we give ourselves to humanity, then we can understand how peace can understand?

If we want to cooperate with each poor people in this area, we will marry that we will not allow those who are begging them by begging, we will buy them a car will buy a car if we want to make a somewhat arrangement But then but the society does not have much trouble to change.

Currently, before talking to any of the existing jobs in our society, there will be to deposit money there, starting with the Gate, all will have to pay money from the Gate or to MD, and the job is not possible in any way. Yes, brother is not my misconception that this is in the current society. When an unemployed boy is looking for a job, first demand money, then talk about jobs. It is necessary to change our affliction to change the society, let us change all the poor-grievances of our surroundings.

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