Third times blood experience

My name is Saiful Islam. The age of 20 years is still in the field of education, lightly plays online, with which itself is being dragged, and the families are being dragged. It is not much more trouble in the middle-class family. The grace of Allah is going on.

The body’s condition is not very good because the night is working online, which I would have done well. I do not sleep every night; the body is breaking day by day. Even if the body broke down, a beautiful blood donation process in myself was working twice before me, and I liked it very well. Primarily when blood donors are known in front of the patient, it seems as if they think of a person of my family, so that Allah’s court accepts it.

For the third time today, I am preparing to give Blood. Who is the patient? I do not know about the village Exam; he received me from home on the motorcycle. I reached the destination with the 45-minute path. After reaching the destination, I rested a private clinic a little bit, then went to the Lab in the Lab, went to the Lab in the Lab; after 20 minutes later reported, I sat down to talk to those coming to receiving me.

Twenty minutes later, Levisian came and told me about Blood. I said the funny thing is that it went to the day and his second Caesar. It’s emergency two back and blood needs. The disease was a very good man, a very good man; especially I liked him very much. I gave Blood in the past twice. My Blood was not so much worse. But when I gave a tall switch to take Blood, I was not looking at the sun and looked at the patient’s face and noticed that his eyes face the face of his eyes, which means more trouble than me.

When I saw a kind of laugh, I asked why I was a smile, but he said that I did not give any blood or so much great advantage was given to me that I did not know how much I did not know how to see it Loving. I said that there was nothing impossible for us to do anything for Uncle’s humanitarian work. Whatever it talked about here, he gave me a lot more praying.

But the lousy time was mine! Two tall switches were taller for Blood to blame. After paying for the first time, it was not working correctly and shepherded a lot of Blood, but after the left hand, it was a very bad expiration for the first time in Life for me. Of course, for this, I did not talk to the doctor or his spouse. But those whose references I went there, i.e., those who were receiving me, told the doctor a little RAF, it did not fix it. I have forbidden them to exclude it.

Although I was having a little trouble, so much switch was so hard to wear in two hands in Vena. When I have donated Blood, they tell them that they did not do this in this process. But today, it seemed that it was the doctor’s mistake why it was for the whole rush. However, although there was a little trouble, I tolerated it looked at the mouth of the patient’s father. Finally, at the end of the Blood, I took a long time to play with the rest of the saline water, now I will reach the front of my house, and they are preparing for them.

The disease has become such emotional. Tell a lot and pray for me. Now I am going to be packed for three months. Blood donation is an excellent experience that is not accustomed to; we request them to be accustomed to it.

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