Why am I unemployed?

Baker! Baker! Baker! The word is no longer anymore. Generally, one of the boys has heard this word a few hundred times in life. Sometimes it says that from Family, the parents do not hesitate to say that it is not hesitant to say it. Friends do not care why you are unemployed. Dad tells me how many years in my neck and how many years old; girlfriend says you will not find me if you do not live.

What do you think of your brother? It is not with anyone! Either brother is a lot. We do not think of anything that we do now. We think about the words of Egypt. If these words are not even Easy, the bullet is more than the bullet. It can be seen again why we will not be a middle-class family, why are unemployed, it is a big mistake of our unemployment.

In the present society, there are thousands of millions of politicians who are not able to return home after the night of politics by eating their father, they do not have anything to return home after the end of the night. But if the day can be calculated, then it is seen that if there is a minimum of 10am to 5pm, Minimam 600 is less than that, but minimal 600 Tk. Income is not possible to go back to the leader. So what is the maneta of the leader behind this leader?

Can we not come out of this unemployed word, can not we do this word to push this word away? Yeah brother is certainly possible to think a little deeply. If you think deeply, you must see its solution. Those who have a millionaire, but they could not be a millionaire in a day, they had worked hard and heard that the story of their life would understand how hard it is to be a millionaire or how difficult it is to be a millionaire.

We think I do not know how much trouble is giving me. Remember that without having trouble, it is not possible to succeed in a successful life. It is normal to have trouble in human life, but the trouble will be dragged away from himself. Then the unemployment will be eliminated.

In the present time unemployment unemployed it makes a lot of people niya people. You will see that you tell you why you do not work why you do not work? But when the boy used to see the same class with you, then many of your junior was a little but there was a lot of work, for which there was now a buyer and you were very good at my teaching but you are still unemployed.

In the present society, unemployed means a large sack which is carried in this society, people think that it is very difficult and yes, but it is a little bit deeply considering it. Consider that you go with the money that comes from where it comes. We want to know how hard enough to earn 10 rupees is to understand our family director that we can not even feel. You have to swear that the unemployment must be eliminating the society to take advantage of the country to make a better country.

Try course, of course, must be successful. There is nothing alternative to effort. No one can do anything without trying. To eliminate unemployment, you have to work much more to work, you have to pay good deeds to those who are unemployed today and see tomorrow, they do something that you have to interview for jobs. Do something so that you all remember you with your area, who do not agree to you as unemployed, they try something that they are in your way.

Try something that no one has ever tried to do something unique, then you will see successful. Success is not much more difficult, everything can be done.

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