Is the feeling of love eternal? Part-2

The work of financial motive can achieve this strength. But in the kind of work that there is something eternal, humans, things or only dreams of dreams, there may be that this purpose may be achieved, when love is only established on financial quality. For the kind of evaluation we want to evaluate, love must be regarded as a means of their own desires and there is a respectful attitude towards his goodness, the choice of others will have to be generated by that respected. Otherwise, we have to suppress the usual goodwill of our heart.

This does not mean that there is no role in the instinctivity of that feeling. We have to see that the feeling of emotional consciousness is not concluded in mutual folly. These conditions are not easy in our socialistic rival society. And partially accepted from Panetism and partially arising personality from romantic movement compressed it by their irrational ideals.

The awakening of the modern era believes that love in the right sense is that the irritation of new dangers. When human society denies the position of any moral wall against sexual intercourse, its feelings are connected. Sensitive emotions. Maybe they sacrifice sex from the world of important frenzy and snewrud feelings. Maybe they associate hatred with it. There is a perfect picture of this approach to Alds Huxley novels. His character believes in Saint Paul that sexual intercourse is the way of satisfaction only. The higher values ​​associated with it remained unknown to them. Many people move one step towards the exponence of heavenly holiness from this passion.

Love has its own successful and personal internal moral standards. These topics published in the unforeseen revolutionary mentality of sexual morality spreading in Christian teaching and most parts of the young species. Solidated satisfaction can not be started by the fuck from love. I’m not saying that the satisfaction will never come. Because it is only a fantasy to impose essential sukersin or prohibition for this system.

Except normal love, the joy of fucking must be hated initially. The normal inspiration of love in human heart needs to be permanent and well-thought. We can not deny the unpublished greatness of love recognized. But love is a wild force that can not be captured by any law or customs in the free state. There is no reason to give importance to this if children are not involved in this question. But with children’s position, we reached the entire separate borders, where love is not only autonomous but hides the biological purpose of human species in it. There is a need to have social values ​​related to childhood. Especially during the debate, those values ​​can not deny love. The appropriate principle must reduce this hatred as much as possible. Because love is not only honest, but when parents love each other, then the child works as a fierce aid.

One of the main objectives of the appropriate sexuality is a little bit of love for child interests. But before the discussion related to family we can not analyze this issue.

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