What is the profit when the intellect is increasing after the thief?

What is the profit when the intellect is increasing after the thief? We are not just many impartial things in our lives. We are one of the few things in our hearts. When the body is terrible, it is understood how much the body is, how much parents for me. When a part of the body is cut, it is understood that how much this place is essential to me. If ill finally realizes that the health, that is a great blessing.

Secondary- Our Time: As long as it is busy, there was much free time in the previous days, but now I can not get at all, and I miss all the days before I miss the days before the day the free time.

Third – My Friends and Family: If the friend of the frame gradually increases the busyness of everyone, all respondents increase before the chat was given before it was not a chat. Before the restaurant’s money is not going to go for the restaurant’s time. So we all manage the money, but we can not manage the time.

Family: We think that I will live forever but not when they go. We can understand how big a blessing was a place of placing that was the place ahead.

And we need to do one of these things that we need to do an Attwood work to do gratitude because if we are not grateful about these things, we gradually reduce the value of these things. And then only when things do not have the value, that is, when we do not have the value, when we do not have the value, when they do not have the value of Friends, then when they do not have the value of the parents family, it’s a lot of parents families before we leave it before they leave them. If you learn to value, then the thing comes to work.

There can be a small job here – a list of every day or every week or every month or a year. I am grateful for some minor things in my life. I sat so beautifully in the afternoon, so I am very much grateful that I have been very much wise in my eight hours today. I am very grateful for many Grateful. When we think that the minor things in life are the main rivers, we think I have a lot of gratitude for life increased much more.

What is the benefit of gratitude? Well! There are two things when the grateful goes towards life. 1- We give more attention to those minor things that those things are gently bigger. 2- Life’s Happiness increases! What we do not publish the biking all day! What do you have in our decision, and what did I get? Let’s start running behind it. When we look after the small minor things, it seems that there are many things that we have got a lot of life in our life, so that life’s points increased a lot.

Trust m! If we do a small job today, he did not write the notes and kept them listening. Write all things in your life, and you will see that the gratitude of those things increased considerably, the Happiness of Life will increase significantly.

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