How are you in love?

Well, you’ve ever fallen in love with someone? What is the feeling of falling in love? I think these questions responded in many minds and answered the questions at different times; you can not even find the answers.

Yes, it is normal. What does it believe that people fall in love with themselves unknowingly? It would help if you believed it learned how to believe that this is a remarkable fact of the current period. When you fall in love with a girl, you can not even understand that you will feel a different kind of love.

Especially if our boys have a best friend, then the girl’s best friend will see that if the best friend is not able to tolerate the boyfriend at all when your best friend goes to the restaurant with the boyfriend, you will be dating and rotate, then it will be dating and rotate it. Do not tolerate.

We understand what we understand and above us. Whether a girl does it does not do any harm to Shyamala or Fars. Love is love; when you fall in love it will take your time to understand.

That’s what I was saying! Why do we become so weak to girls? Thinking of the whole thing, it means you can find it very easily. When you start thinking about a girl, you will know a lot about him when you like a stranger daughter, the interest in your mind will increase from your mind, I love love from here. Love is not forceful it is made of two minds.

There is a word in our society, one side of love, ie only one loves one more love. Who is meant to do this. This is the feeling of love is very difficult to me very comfortable. Different times we get different news or different news where there is a suicide of suicide suicide for love? When all the doors are closed in all its directions, there is no talking to his lover or boyfriend in any way, then tries to suicide.

But love from the mind, it is not for everyone, some people use the current gold love for business. Through this, people earn humiliated people with a little bit of love. Using love for earning love. And there are a lot in our society. Love again is now an activity of rape. It was seen that lovely love enjoyed him for a few days later. Yes, brother is nothing unusual it is in our society.

That’s the beginning! Although it is not true, some people say that the best friend is like the wife, or it is not true, but the best friend is sharing everything here that is not shared with his brother or mother’s father. It is seen that it is meant to talk about him every day and talking about it, but it is unknowingly in love with the love of Best Friend, but it is certainly hidden.

According to me, there are many relations that have been married to Best Friend, 40 years of marriage have passed 40 years of marriage, yet the previous love is produced among themselves that you are still using that. It’s not a denial of it is only a reflection of love. Love never sees the body it is only in it.

Everyone wants a life partner that he understands her family. How many people get? Many people get it, but it is not possible to mean that its feelings are different. Many people have seen that marriage marriage and after two years of family, then it becomes a divorce. Yes it seems. Love is not reserved for our whole life, it is basically in our society. This is what we have to change.

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