Love story

Love story! I think it is a conscience without a foolish work that is foolish for flying things to me.

So do not stop keeping him in the open sky, if he has a point in the open sky, he will come back, and if he does not leave it, then I have not to regret it.

Love paws are like this. Most of the love is the reason for sadness.

Even then, we love that love. It is good to have passion, but such emotions are not good that emotional love is due to suffer trouble.

Lion sharing love, due to the misunderstanding, the rage, premises, they love to love. Still, in love, there is a fear of being opposite, so that there is no need to understand another; there is no need to understand another if there is no need to understand the meaning of dust.

One of the nonsense of a goal nature, the people of love (V) do not understand who they understand. Do not want to understand others; others do not want to obey. The people of love are to be cared for by one another to be respected.

It is good to be done, but that particular gene is not in the world.

The greedy body’s love goes down to the body, and the love of the soul reaches the heart of the heart and reaches Allah. So love for love is good for the soul.

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