What is the truth in life?

We do not know who is happy, but we know that our life is running. Our life for someone does not stop; the power of reducing life on the running of life-I have not become today. When we hear two words in happiness, we think it is good. But there is much sadness in happiness.

Sad! With the word of sorrow, we will come both of the happiness sadness in the life of the human race, it is expected we believe, and it is also with us. Because someone’s life is not made by happiness only, there is sadness in happiness; then there is happiness after sadness that it is life. Do you think life is tiny? Do not ever think of life smaller. Life is vast; although the value of life meaningless can not purchase us, it is the only grace of God and gift.

When we break down a little bit of danger, we think that the shadow of a bit of sadness in our lives is that Allah does not like me, Allah does not like me, Allah does not like me! We think of them. But what is this? Does not Allah like his servant Allah does not like the activity of his servant?

No! We are wrong in the wrong world of our mind. Allah Pak Rabbul Almighty does not think that he is never afraid of the servant. Because he created his servant in his own hands, many people can be evil, but Allah forgives him too. (One person after killing 99 people, believing in the last man, but Allah forgave him and gave Paradise.) Then we did not kill one too, why did not forgive us. Why are we so nervous.

Do not be nervous. Trust in Allah, stay in the minds of his worship, see that he will decorate your life with your life, peacefully. What can be a big sin of killing people? If there is a sin of killing people, then why we will be nervous. Keep the mind hard; then everything will be fine.

Do not think that my God is angry with me does not like my activity. But yes, we have some activities in our religion that can never be involved in those who do not like them. Stay steadfast on all the policies we have in our religion. Read the principles of religion, know the principles of the policies between people. There is no need for millions of millions of money to get the happiness of life. Many people do not have money to earn money by doing hardship and buy rice with that money; they will also be able to eat with the money. Still, they will also see that there are many happy but will not see the hills of millions of rupees, which is normal.

Do not think I have money. I do not think it’s not my money; I’m poor. Hey brother, why money will come in money. We are faithful. We are Muslims. Only our faith will strengthen, only our minds will be confessed to Allah. Above all can not be broken, firm Muslim believers never break down. He always trusts in God’s happiness and sorrow.

You will be doing good deeds that all the things in front of you are good. You will do a bad thing in your mind, I will not do any wrong thing after doing this bad thing, but you will never succeed in that eventually. Before you invoke lousy work, you should remember that I am a Muslim I am a Muslim I can not be involved in this bad work. This is not this bad job. You must not be involved in this work before the strong work of depleted believers. This work is not for you.

Above all, can not be broken and trust in Allah. He certainly recognizes you that you have created you have created a picture of Rizik.

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