Want to make life beautiful

We are mortal, every person. Since we have come to the world, we must die; we believe that we believe in it that our death is today or tomorrow. All creatures are born to die. But we have a system to feel the time that we have the time of life from birth to death. Many jobs can be done to enjoy life.

At present, a man survives for 70 – 80 years, but the survivors’ survivors are very low. Now it is possible that nobody can spend sleeping in 70 years, nobody can spend around, so many people expect how many people expect to do different dreams. In this, there is a long time to marry the house of the house.

This time in the Qur’an and scientific language can be caught only a few minutes when compared with it during the Resurrection. We have trouble people to enjoy this time. There is a significant contribution to the people who want to live in a world.

We do not have much trouble feeling more beautifully to make life until death from birth. Now the main thing is how our life can be more beautiful than a beautiful girl?

Each human life remains happy and peaceful. Whether he is a high family or lower family, each of them is good and evil in two directions. We can not make peace from birth to death; many feel turbulent because of peace and turmoil in human life.

For example, it is happier again after peace at the end of the night. So there is no peace and peace, we have to tidy our life. There is no other option to stop. We can not stop our lives. It is going on.

Enjoy life more!

Going a day is that this day’s memory time is not possible to return to life during our life. So you have to create yourself from all sides. It would help if you also took care of what will happen after death. You have to be careful about what you have done in the world. Above all, from the birth of death, we have to cross the death of Hashrar from death to death.

We can follow a few steps to make life more tidy and beautiful. Some of the important things are – worshiping Allah regularly, such as prayer, fasting, hajj, and zakat. You can go once every month to enjoy life. You can participate in different ceremonies to enjoy life (not an anti-social program). To enjoy life, you can constantly show yourself more to the people; you can be the best to people through good use. You can win people’s and people’s minds with reasonable use.

Above all, you have to choose the good aspects to stop a beautiful opinion. Do not choose any aspect to enjoy the life that will be bad for you and your future. To do something good in life, you must be a good person.

Now many of your names are famous, but you will come to you at a time; no one else does not respect anyone in your name. Why would it be? When your money is finished, you will not recognize anyone, and it is normal, and this is currently in our society. You do not see anything about the rally on the head. You are doing something unemployed or enjoying life; it is not worth eating and drinking correctly. You do not have any value in this world.

Want to make life beautiful! Want to enjoy more beautiful than life, these are only depending on our mind and do what our mind wants. What will happen to the mind? How long will you live? Just as long as you enjoy some days, then only successful.

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